Mentor: Julia Derk

School: Bronx High School of Science

Years in CDM: 2 years

College Interests: Biology & History

Most Inspiring Person: My mom because of her cheerful attitude and ability to help me out with any personal or school-related problems.

2 sentences on CD: Clear Direction has given me the opportunity to interact with peers from all around the city in addition to experienced graduates in the field of science all while learning more about STEM. It is an opportunity that I am forever grateful for and I believe that it will strongly impact my future career and the future of students around the city.


Mentor: Michael Rabadi

School: Bard High School Early College Queens

Years in CD: 2

College Interests: Dermatology, Biomedical Engineering, Creative Writing

Most Inspiring Person: My Aunt Esther

2 sentences about CD:  NYU Clear Direction is a wonderful program that prepares driven high school students for their future in STEM.  Personally, it has provided me with invaluable exposure to various careers in STEM through year-round academies, but most uniquely, I have been able to benefit from the counsel and guidance of my own personal mentor.



Mentor: Alessandro

School: Bard High School Queens

Year in CDM: 1 year
College Interests: Economics and engineering
Most Inspiring Person: Kazuki Takahashi
2 sentences on CD: Clear direction is a great way for average students to experience diffferent work fields and subjects to expand their views and interests. Its also a great way of obtaining new friends and possible connections for the future.


Mentor: Criseyda Martinez

School: Achievement First University Prep

Years in CD: 1

College Interests: I want to study biology, health and psychology.
Most Inspiring Person: The most inspiring person for me is my father. He motivates me to be advocative and productive.
2 sentences about CD:
The Clear Direction program is a great opportunity where high school students get to interact with college students who can provide guidance for them. Also the mentors are experts in the specific interest of the high school student, which allows the student to gain insight of the workplace they desire to have one day.

Marvin Cordova




High School: Cathedral High School

College Interests: Biology

Most Inspiring Person: My sister

 2 sentences on CD: Clear Direction helps you to see that everything will not turn out the way you want them. You just have to keep trying until you accomplish what you want.